Online cancellation is ONLY for NJ residents that enrolled for their membership online. If you are not a NJ club resident AND you did not enroll online, you are not eligible for this method of cancellation.

For full cancellation details, see your signed agreement or the “Terms and Conditions” page. 

If you are not a NJ club resident AND did not enroll online, your online request to cancel will not be processed. 

In order to review your account and assist, you must provide your full name, account number, phone number, email address and home club as it appears on your account so we may review and verify your account. If all the required information is not provided, we will be unable to verify your account and your cancellation request cannot be processed.

Your account will remain active until you receive a confirmation digital receipt informing you that your request was received AND approved. 

If your account is in default or past due, the account is NOT eligible for cancellation and cannot be processed. To view account status, you may log in through the MEMBER PORTAL. 

Any balances owed for both your membership and addons would be due in full upon receiving your request to cancel. Any balances will be drafted off the payment information on file upon receiving this online request to cancel.

By submitting this online request, you hereby authorize all balances to be collected in full from the payment information on file. If all balances owed are unable to be collected in full, your account will not be cancelled. 


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