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Lead by the industry’s best coaches, URGE delivers the most affordable, ground breaking group workouts around, all while having fun! Be part of a TEAM. TEAM UP! Only at URGE.


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Classes For All Fitness Levels

Our group classes are more then just workout classes, they’re EXPERIENCES. Our powerful group energy will inspire and challenge you! Meet new friends, dig deeper and experience Group Classes at URGE!


Aerial Yoga

This Anti-Gravity technique allows you to explore proper posture and alignment without compromising the joints and spine. You will gain GREATER FLEXIBILITY, BETTER FOCUS, STRENGTHENED MUSCLES, AND RELIEVE STRESS.


We climb, we jog, we sprint, we dance, we RIDE! Expereince our revolutionary cycle program today. Featuring over 50 classes a week and a variety of rides to satisfy all levels. Get ready for fat-burning cardio, a full-body workout and a pedaling good time! Time to find your ride!


“Ditch the Workout, Join the Party,” With upbeat music and choreographed dance moves we combine high & low intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie burning dance party. You don’t need to be a great dancer to feel welcome in a Zumba class, just keep moving to the music and having a good time, no rhythm required.


Take your training to new heights, push your limits and see results! This revolutionary class will improve your core strength, balance and posture. URGESANITY is a focused workout with cutting edge abdominal and lower back exercises.


From quiet meditation to a pulse-quickening flow, URGE offers new formats and a variety of yoga classes to increase strength & flexibility, while defining muscle tone. Yoga provides amazing mind and body benefits that will leave you feeling centered, focused & energized!


Prepare yourself for the next generation of aerobics. PULSE is a total body conditioning class that will build strength and endurance. This souped up cardio challenge incorporates steps, bands and other equipment to maximize calories burned and give you a “head to toe” workout!


This dynamic and explosive class incorporates kickboxing techniques with an intense cardio workout. Combine upper-and lower-body strikes, learn blocks and drills and get ready to kick some a$$!!!


Get your butt in shape and your glutes to salute! Glute Camp is a strategically engineered fitness class to lift and shape your hottest asset. Fire up your glutes, build strength and definition, and get powerful. Waist whittling exercises are also integrated to further accentuate your new rearview.


Think your hardcore? Or that you have a hard core? Prove it! If your willing to invest a little pain for pleasure, this class will get you that toned tummy you’ve been dying for! All workouts are designed around the core will be sure to help burn calories and strengthen your mid-section.


OMG look at her butt! Engage yourself in this full body, functional training class guaranteed to make you sweat! Designed to keep your heart rate up and challenge you to work your entire body. We’re bringing the energy in this class, we hope you do too!


A system of physical conditioning involving low impact exercises and stretches. These exercises help strengthen the body’s core and abdominal control, while focusing on breathing and posture.


SHRED creates serious results and strong bodies. Sculpt eye-catching muscles with a trial of constant tension involving dumbbells, resistance bands, and your own willpower.


“See ya later” stationary bike and treadmill! Get your sweat on with these moves that work your quads, glutes, and core in a dance routine that will strengthen your body and coordination. Hip Hop Dance is an energizing lively workout that will have you coming back to party.


A total body workout with exercises that transition from one muscle group to the next. Every second is supercharged with a blitz of lightning-fast intervals and continuous movement. Blast through this class with great music that’s sure to keep your heart rate up and get ready for a sweat drenched session.


Barre at its most authentic, done the URGE way. Combine ballet movements with conditioning, core work and stretches for that dancer’s physique.


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